An example of successful rental: a villa on the heights of Calvi

 An example of successful rental: a villa on the heights of Calvi

22/11/2016My AccommodationsSuccesful Holiday

Corsica owes its nickname of "island of beauty" to the diversity of its landscape consisting of mountains and beautiful beaches but also to the authenticity and originality of each holiday destination on the island. Among these destinations in Corsica that have so much to offer to holidaymakers, there is Calvi, to the northwest, the opposite of Bastia.

Staying in Calvi is always equivalent to a successful holiday, regardless of season or time of year. Calvi ... cità paradisu. This slogan of the city means how much the inhabitants are proud of the beauty and splendor of their quasi paradisiacal city. Indeed, the city has several assets: 5 kilometers of sandy beach, bathing places with crystal clear waters, a marina able to accommodate 450 boats, restaurants along the quays with magnificent views of the Mediterranean, Great air vivifying offshore and especially the sun all year.

The destination Calvi is simply exceptional and choosing to spend your holidays there, is the assurance to avoid the bad surprises due to the weather or the impossibility to find a place to the beach and any other hazard of holidays by the sea. For an even more successful stay in Calvi, the rental of a villa on the heights of the city is strongly advised.

All that has been mentioned before about the charm and wonders of Calvi is even more accentuated when taking a villa rental on the heights. Not only do we always enjoy a splendid view over the whole of the town, but we also have, and above all, the chance to stay in a place that combines comfort and gentleness.

Indeed, the rental of a villa gives access to various equipments necessary for everyday life, such as a kitchen and a whole range of cooking utensils, to high-quality furnishings including garden furniture and interior furniture with a sleek design. To all these features can be added Internet connection, cable TV, swimming pool and even a hammam.

By opting for a villa rental on the heights of Calvi, the tourist gets the best holiday of his life. You too, if you want to have the guarantees of a perfect stay in Corsica, do as he does and book on My Home In your holiday rental.