Holidays: choose the countryside or the seaside?

Holidays: choose the countryside or the seaside?

22/11/2016My AccommodationsChosing your holiday destination

Choosing your next holidays destination is sometimes a bit of a headache. This raises a number of questions about where to stay, what activities you will be practicing, things to see and much more. Between a stay in the countryside and a week at the beach, which one to choose? Which destination has more to offer than another? We will try to answer it by talking in turn about these two holiday destinations.

Let's start with the countryside and all that makes the charm of this destination: the villages, the peasant way of life, local products, mountains, rivers, not forgetting the inhabitants. It is known that the villages are not inhabited by a million souls. As a result, calm and tranquility prevail throughout the year, making it ideal places to stay if you want to escape the everyday effervescence of urban centers.

It is particularly interesting to see how farmers cultivate vineyards and fields or raise livestock. The hospitality and conviviality are very strong values ​​in the countryside and make the reputation of the villages and the villagers. To all this is added the wonderful landscape of mountains, plains and valleys with rivers and streams, places conducive to walks and excursions.

Let us go now to the assault of the beaches, the turquoise waters of the sea and the vivifying air of the open sea. The seaside is the favorite holiday destination of the French who are more than 35 million to go there every year. These places have a lot to offer in terms of leisure. Not to mention the inevitable farniente, lying on the warm sand of the beach and swimming in the sea, the nautical activities are numerous.

The fifty-year-olds, navigation lovers maneuver the pleasure boats, the catamarans and the sailboats while the young ones learn about how to windsurf, to surf and other sport of sliding. On the beach, the space is occupied by the umbrellas planted here and there, a few meters from the beach volleyball courts. The young parents help their children to launch their kites or accompany them in the gathering of shells and crustaceans.

Holidays are always wonderful moments that we share with family, friends or solo. Between the countryside and the seaside, choose the destination that seems best for you to share. The decision is yours, but what you can advise is to go a little farther from home when it comes to a rather long stay, during the summer holidays, for example. For small relaxing weekends, opt for a short distance from your main residence.

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